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Analysis on how to develop and expand the tide kitchenware industry

Analysis on how to develop and expand the tide kitchenware industry

Food and drink, men and women. In the book of rites, Confucius listed the diet as the source of life and a common problem concerning people's livelihood. When it comes to diet, kitchen utensils are indispensable. With the rapid development of society, people's pursuit of diet has not only stayed on simple food, but also opened up a broad prospect of kitchen utensils industry by improving the production techniques, cooking environment and cooking utensils.
The city of kitchenware, which has the title of Chinese kitchen utensils, began its development in the 90s of last century. After 20 years of rapid development, the kitchenware industry cluster in Shengzhou Economic Development Zone has been formed on a large scale, and the supporting capacity of the industry has been gradually strengthened. The kitchenware industry in Shengzhou is not only a regional characteristic industry, but also plays an important role in the kitchenware industry at home and abroad.
Siemens, Elix, Linney, Franka, Haier, Aucoma, the United States and so on mentioned kitchen utensils, these ringing world famous brands will be printed into the mind. Many of them come from OEM in Shengzhou kitchen utensils manufacturers. After all, OEM is not a long way to go. Through these years of large-scale technological transformation, Shengzhou kitchenware industry has a certain degree of innovation and R&D capabilities, such as Putian Oda Meiduoshuai Toyota Yitian, and many other domestic brands cultivated by Shengzhou itself have gradually begun to play a role in the kitchenware industry.
There are nearly 450 kitchenware enterprises and corresponding supporting enterprises in Shengzhou City. They have a complete set of industries, ranging from product research and development to mold processing, from spare parts production to machine assembly, and then to product testing and identification. Products have formed 25 series, more than 100 varieties, the industry in 2010 to achieve sales of 4 billion yuan, an increase of 35%.
As Shengzhou kitchenware production base, Shengzhou Economic Development Zone has 28 kitchenware enterprises with an annual output of more than 20 million yuan, including 2 state-level high-tech enterprises, 2 provincial-level patent demonstration enterprises and 5 provincial science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises. Large scale, specialized enterprise technology R & D personnel 1200, accounting for about 4% of all employees. The kitchenware industry's first national kitchenware product testing center has also been settled in which its production capacity and product quality has reached the industry's leading level.
Supported by advanced technology and technology, Shengzhou kitchenware industry has emerged a number of brands with great influence, certain popularity and occupancy in the domestic and foreign markets. 12 trademarks have become well-known trademarks in China, 5 famous products in Zhejiang and 4 famous trademarks in Zhejiang.
This successful cooperation has created a pioneer for Shengzhou and even China kitchenware industry to develop hand in hand with global kitchenware leaders. It has played an active role in promoting and guiding Shengzhou kitchenware industry in terms of improving enterprise production capacity, strengthening the strength of scientific and technological development, doing well in brand management, expanding market share and enhancing the overall strength of the industry. Use.
The joint venture of Xinputian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. takes advantage of Erica's advantages in creativity, design and R&D, fully absorbs its global distribution of logistics, sales, management and other experience. After five years of hard work, the sales of Xinputian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. reached 2 billion yuan, thus truly promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's kitchen and sanitation industry. Grade leader brand.
The upgrade of Putian's products is not a profit, which means that hundreds of matching enterprises related to Putian will upgrade, and the overall improvement of matching enterprises will inevitably affect and promote the level of other kitchenware manufacturers, so that Shengzhou kitchenware industry leaped to a new platform.
From energy conservation to environmental protection to patent standards
With the continuous growth of the kitchen appliance industry in Shengzhou, refinement has become the development direction of industrial upgrading. The integrated environmental protection cooker, which is developed by several major kitchen utensils enterprises in the development zone, integrates the functions of cooking fume machine, cooking utensils, disinfection cabinet and storage cabinet. It is such a new product with Chinese independent intellectual property rights, which can satisfy Chinese family cooking habits and completely eliminate cooking fumes and pollution. Experts hailed the revolutionary innovation of traditional kitchenware products.
Comparing with traditional kitchen utensils, the working mode of close exhaust, down exhaust and double isolation of environmental protection integrated stove completely isolates the fume from the air, and no longer diffuses, so that the fume can be exhausted directly and thoroughly, and the fume cleaning rate can reach over 99%. Moreover, the environmental protection integrated kitchen occupies less space and saves nearly one meter of cabinets and cabinets space. The integrated stove adopts the combination of ultra-low noise technology and mute duct design, which makes the noise obviously lower than the reduction, and greatly improves the cooking environment. Compared with the conventional cooking stove, the integrated stove can save 40% to 70% energy under the strong firepower of 35% thermal efficiency.
Advanced vision and strategy, not only let the enterprise in product design, production process of continuous exploration and innovation, but also let the enterprise pay special attention to the key technology of patent protection. Encouraged by the policy, kitchenware enterprises in the development zone have been very active in the arena of standard-setting in recent years. In April this year, in view of the advantages of Shengzhou kitchenware industry and its contribution to integrated environmental protection kitchen products and market position, China Hardware Products Association and China Standardization Association jointly issued a paper deciding that Yitian Electrical Appliance, a Shengzhou enterprise, will be the drafting group leader of the national standard for integrated kitchen, and Shuaifeng Electrical Appliance, Putian Electrical Appliance and Meiduo Appliance will also become the leaders of the drafting group. The main member unit. In the process of formulating national standards, Shengzhou enterprises will focus on safety, health, environmental protection and other aspects of the inclusion of new standards, and this